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    TV Guide performance in SlingPlayer


      Is it normal for the guide to take up to 10 seconds to display when I press it on the remote (over the web SlingPlayer, but over a LAN that has 1000kbps)?  Not only bring the guide up, but pressing anything can take up to 10 seconds for a response.  Seems odd to me because my web streaming performance is now brilliant.

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          HI fearoffish,


          There will be an element of delay when you send any real-time command to a buffered stream. This is to help ensure the video streams smoothly and up to 10 seconds can be the case depending on your setup / network conditions.


          It is kind of helpful to think of the stream in 2 modes:


          View mode - watching a stream or tv channel for more than a minute.

          Control mode - this is when you want to change channels, in this mode the buffer shrinks down to help IR commands take effect more quickly. But after a period of 30 seconds with no IR activity the stream will run back into view mode and build up a buffer again to help ensure solid streaming.


          Hope this helps

            • EPG in slingbox.com not working
              sodoff Newbie

              I do not seem to be able to start a new thread .. so I am replying to the clostest to the subject matter.


              I am giving this box its final weekend to make it work.


              And now I find another perplexing problem.


              If I view it using slingbox.com and click the guide button, instead of getting the on screen guide I get a pop up window that whows nothing.  How do I get the EPG on the Echo box using slingbox.com?


              Using the SlingCatcher, the GUIDE button does bring up the EPG PVR guide?


              Is there a fix for this?

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                  Hi sodoff,


                  Very odd on the part of not being able to post a new topic...


                  When you say the guide button I presume this is the one within the player window which is a US only feature for supported US Slingboxes. You could be seeing this if you have set your Sling Account up as a US customer. If you are setup as a UK customer this will not appear, but if this is the case I suspect the team will fix this cosmetic bug pretty easily.


                  The goal is to press on the remote control icon to bring up the remote graphic (which appears by default). From there you can press on the guide button. This is the same with the SlingCatcher which works correctly for you.