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    Slingbox IP settings how to?


      Dear users, and sling media.


      It is very hard to set correct IP addresses to the sling box, because it requires Internet access to show the configuration page. How should I do this, if I can not set the IP address, mask GW... without internet access? It only likes DHCP address, and after that is I change the IP address to a fix one, it freezes out.


      So please help me, allow me to set IP address, GW address, Mask, DNS server address, and I'd like to set it offline. I don't think it is a so big issue for the sling team, Or any user has any idea, hoe to "hack" this problem?


      Thank you for your answers,


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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          For my Slingboxes, I found that I needed to be able to login to the router that each Slingbox is connected to, in order to set the Slingboxes to a static IP address in the local area network of that router.   And since, for security reasons, I have set up my routers so that they can only be logged into from a computer within their local network, I had to be physically present at the location of each Slingbox/router combination -- with a computer (laptop was OK) -- when I need to set the static IP addresses and forward port 5001 on the router to that static IP address.   Once I did all that, both Slingboxes have worked great and I can readily access both of them and view what they are slinging on my computers from any place in Internet Land.


          Just how you set a static IP address for a device on your router, such as a Slingbox, and how you forward a port to that static IP address, depends on what make and model of router that you have -- the instructions can differ quite a bit from router to router.  What is the make and model of your router?  Then perhaps another Slingbox user can respond with a more exact answer to your question.