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    Problem with Sling player for mac

    nicosol Newbie

      I installed Slingplayer for Mac. The picture freezes almost all the time for a few seconds while the sound is OK.


      IPad, iPhone or Windows, I have no problem. This does not come from the Internet connection is the same for all my devices.


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          Hi, nicosol


          I understand that you are having some issues with your Slingbox PRO HD since the video freezes when running the application on a Mac computer.


          In this case, it seems that the issue is related to the Mac computer, otherwise, the issue would affect all of your equipment. With this in mind, I recommend you to check if your Mac computer meets the requirements for the Slingbox PRO HD.


          Tech Specs for the Slingbox PRO HD



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              Well, I have the same problem. Currently I am located in Costa Blanca in Spain, but my Slingbox Pro HD is located in Denmark.

              My slingplayer runs on my MacBook Pro (i7 processor, 8 Gb RAM, 500 GB HDD). No matter what settings I use, the picture freezes in a few seconds every 15-25 second. I have tried with a bitrate as low as 200 kbit, 15 frames/sec, 640x240 - same problem: video-freeze, audio OK. There is no problem with the bandwidth here in Costa Blanca, very stable 3 Mbit. Not a high bandwidth, I know. But stable.... and with the above settings, it should run OK. At home, in Denmark, I have a 25 Mbit download and 3 Mbit upload with one of the more expensive, but also stable suppliers. No matter what settings I use, the problem persist.

              I am beginning to suspect the installation on my Mac. But then I reinstalled the application with the latest installation package available. The problem persist !!!


              I read that development af the SlingPlayer for Mac has stopped, and we (the Mac users) are told to use the website-plugin. As far as I can tell, that solution seems to work even worse !!!


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