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    download/upload volume used by slingcatcher inhouse

    ppissierssens Newbie


      I bought a Slingboc Pro some time ago and it works fine. I used when on travel without a problem. However it does eat MBytes

      I am thinking of getting a slingcatcher to use inhouse (ie on my local network) to be able to watch TV on another floor. However it is unclear to me whether this will use up download/upload volume (in belgium we do not (yet) have unlimited volume). I could not find this anywhere in the web site. It seems that volume is used when I use a PC or Mac  inhouse (even if linked to my internal network). Does anyone know?

      Thanks in advance

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          Hi, ppissierssens


          I understand that you want to know if the SlingCatcher will increase the Internet usage when installed.


          You can hook up the Sling Catcher and the Slingbox on the same network, but this network must avoid any contact with the Internet service (isolated network) Why? Because the Slingbox will try to contact our servers. This situation will increase the Internet usage/charge.


          Keep in mind that both the Slingbox and SlingCatcher must be connected to the same router. As long as you follow these instructions, you will not be affected.