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    No video from Motorola DCT6412


      I have had my Solo for years with excellent results.  I just switched TV's and cable boxes.  The Solo has been hooked to Comcast via a General Instruments box.  I switched to the Motolrola DCT6412 because it was HD "compatible."  It hooks to the plasma via the 5 plug cable from the component outlet.  I have gone through the set up proceedure several times with no video feed being found.  It just keeps giving me the same "tips" to check the cables.  All the lights are on and not blinking on the Solo and I think I have plugged in the component cables in every configuration I can devise just to see if it works.  So far nothing.  Any ideas????  I am a real tech novice and the kids are gone to help so I am at a complete loss.

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          Assuming the TV is working all you need to do is unplug the 5 leads from the TV and plug them in the Slingbox component IN connectors, then get another set of 5 leads and plug those in the Slingbox component OUT connectors and the TV.   Make sure you use the correct In & Out set of connectors on the Slingbox, I had the same symptoms as you when I first wired mine up and I found I had them the wrong way around.