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    Layman's instructions 1 2 3


      We are seniors and computer dummy, want to buy a Slingbox Pro.  Want to setup in Toronto, ON.


      Then I want to watch the rpogramming in Halifax, NS


      What are the instructions:-  For Toronto - what and how to set up.


      The for Halifax, so that I can watch the programming.



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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          (1) You will need Internet service both at your residence in Toronto and at your residence in Halifax -- including a router attached to your modem in Toronto and, preferably, Ethernet cables to connect via "hard wires" (instead of wireless signal) your router to your Slingbox.  The Slingbox will also be connected "in between" your TV cable box in Toronto and your TV in Toronto.   There are ways to send the signals wirelessly between the Slingbox and the Toronto router, but requires purchasing extra equipment and plug small boxes into electrical outlets that are on the same "phase" of your electrical circuitry -- which can be a pain to figure out by trial and error.   So, all in all, it is best to be able to connect the router directly to the Slingbox with an Ethernet cable.


          (2) The UPLOAD speed of your internet service in Toronto is critical -- if it is too slow, you won't be able to watch the Toronto programs "slinged" by your Slingbox in Halifax, or anywhere else in the Internet world, reliably without the image and/or audio stuttering or stalling.   Your Internet Service Provider in Toronto can tell you what your UPLOAD speed will reliably be.   Unless you have upload speeds of, at a minimum, 1.5 megabits per second, you may be dissapointed with the video performance, particularly if you wish to watch the TV signal in high definition format (which requires the ability to send MUCH more data through the Internet than standard definition video).   Be aware also that some Internet Service Providers are also now placing limits on HOW MUCH data a user will be permitted to send through their circuits, without paying higher fees.   Your Internet Service Provider can tell you what the limits are (if any) for your Internet services both in Toronto and in Halifax, and how much data per hour of TV watching your Slingbox is likely to send.   In my case, one of my ISPs has a "general customer" data transfer limit of 250 gigabytes per month -- I don't anticipate approaching this limit unless I were watching 8 hours of "slung" TV per day for every day of the month.


          (3) When you do the physical setup of your Slingbox in Toronto, it is wise to thoroughly test your setup to verify that you can watch all of the "slinged" signals not only from a computer attached to your Toronto router (via Ethernet or wifi, either way should be fine); BUT ALSO verify that you can view the "slinged" signals from a computer attached to an internet signal in your Toronto neighborhood that is NOT coming from your Toronto router.   You could do this, for example, by asking one of your Toronto neighbors to test the access to the Slingbox on one of their computers, or by temporarily connecting your computer (via Ethernet or wifi) to their network.   It is wise to do all of this testing BEFORE you return to Halifax, because some of the "fixes" to problems that might emerge require the physical push of the reset button on the back of the Slingbox -- not easy to do if you are physically in Halifax.


          (4) I found the instructions that came with my Slingbox pretty easy to follow.   The trickiest part was learning how to correctly assign a static IP address to my Slingbox and then to forward port 5001 to that static IP address.   I know that sounds like computer goobledygook, but I found that these are important steps to do correctly so that the Slingbox can be correctly recorded in the Slingbox HQ directory of all connected Slingboxes.   And without this information correctly recorded, it may not prove possible to reliably connect with the Slingbox from Halifax.  Fortunately, there are instructions at various locations in this forum about how to do these steps.