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    My Slingbox Pro connecting with ip problem


      Out of the blue my slingbox pro stopped working.. I have tried the hardware rest button to no avail. Every time i reset it... The slingbox tries to connect using the ip address    I can not get it to take any other address.. I tried reconfiguring my router to uses the 169.254.3 segment. The slingbox connection and showed working on the network but the setup program still could not see it. Not sure what is wrong with the durn thing. but any help would be great. The systems is not of any uses in this state. Is there anyway to hard set the ip address with in the slingbox?  I have tried to let the router assign the address with no luck and I also tried setting it up with a static/dynamic address using the mac address.   This is how it was setup and worked great for over 3 months till now.  Also this system is well out of warranty and not worth paying the trouble call fee to find out that its toast.