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    Samsung SMT-H3270 Remote Not Working SOLUTION!


      Hello to everyone with this problem. It is very fixable and it is really easy!!


      My remote didn't work and I went right to tech support which were not super helpful but very nice. They suggested I go to forums for the answers and after sifting through I found it.


      Here is the problem and it is really stupid! The IR receiver for the cable box is NOT in the top right corner as it obviously looks to be. Repeat it is NOTin the top right corner.


      The IR receiver is just to the LEFT OF THE BLUE LIGHT POWER INDICATOR.


      How stupid is that? That is half of the issue right there.




      1. Use the Scientific Atlanta 8300 8300 HD remote. No question about that.


      2. Point your IR wire at the area TO THE LEFT OF THE BLUE LIGHT POWER INDICATOR.


      3. End of story!