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    Connecting Slingbox to AT&T Uverse in a brand-new home




      Just picked up a Slingbox Solo, but I'm having a difficult time trying to figure out how to connect it to our home network. Here's the deal - we recently moved in to a newly-built home and have AT&T Uverse. We have fiber optics leading right into our garage (where the router is located), and each room in the house is equipped with a data port panel that includes a phone jack, standard data port and a couple of coaxial cable connectors (sorta like an office building - I've attached a screenshot). All of our TVs receive the cable signal via a Motorola cable box, which is connected to the data port in that particular room.


      The data port that connects the Motorla cable box would be the same port that the Slingbox requires (and there's only one port per TV location). I'm thinking that there must be a way to take advantage of the fact that the house is wired in this configuration with the Slingbox, but have no idea how to accomplish this. It seems like the Slingbox is designed for the standard in--home router setup, but since we don't have one that actually resides in the home (aside from the control box in the garage), I'm wondering if there's an alternate method to connecting the Slingbox that doesn't require purchasing a Slingbox Turbo and shoving it into the control box in the garage. It seems like that would be a half-baked approach.


      Every other device that's connected to our network is done so via Wi-Fi, so this is the first time I've had to think about using actual cables to connect something to the network.


      I searched through the forum and didn't find anybody else with a similar situation, but I'm hoping somebody else has encountered this issue and has some suggestions - thanks!

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          Decide which Motorola STB or DVR you want to use for the tv signal to the Slingbox.  Place the Slingbox in that location and connect via component cables and L/R audio cables from the Motorola STB or DVR to the Slingbox.  Plug the IR remote wire into the Slingbox and place the sensors on the front top and bottom of the Motorola STB or DVR.  Now, you need to get the signal from the Slingbox to the U-Verse RG located in your garage.  You need a wired solution for that.  Unless there is another wire in your house for that, you will need a SlingLink Turbo.  Plug one unit of the SlingLink Turbo into your Slingbox and an empty wall electrical outlet.  Plug the other SlingLink Turbo into your U-Verse RG and an empty wall electrical circuit.  I don't know why you would balk at the SlingLink Turbo.  It's inexpensive and works.


          Now, all that said, if your Motorola STB or DVR has an ethernet port, it's possible you could plug the Slingbox into that ethernet port to send the signal back to the U-Verse RG.  I am doing that with my Roku, but I have a U-Verse Cisco IPN-4320 DVR.  I don't know if the Motorola box has the ethernet port and if it's active.  Give it a try.