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    Need help getting video to my slingbox solo


      Hello, I have tried everything and nothing has worked so far.  I had a Slingbox Tuner which worked perfectly b/c it had RF IN/OUT.  But now, I got the newer Slingbox Solo and have yet to get it to work.  I have no video/audio outputs on my plasma tv, and I DO NOT want to set this up in the living room with the dvr.  I have tried multiple VCRs with no luck.  Just tried a RF Modulator that has S-video & Composite output as well, but cannot seem to figure out how to configure it online.  It says I am getting no signal.  Really wish this Solo had a **** tuner in it.   The fact that I cannot connect my RF signal to it directly is what is giving me issues.  Any ideas as what could work?  I have asked other slingbox users I know and they say they hate the Solo b/c it lacks this feature. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I originally got the newer Solo b/c it woud allow me to use my new WP7 cell phone to watch, but I can't even set it up for any viewing yet.  Guess I just need the stupid Pro-HD or to get a dvr in my room, which probably won't happen.  In general, I am extremely upset and frustrated at how hard it is to connect the Slingbox Solo to anything.  Sad that my Slingbox Tuner worked so much better in comparison even though it's older and cheaper...  Any ideas could be helpful so throw em at me...thanks.  *I'm using the normal RF signal from Brighthouse cable tv...not using a dvr in my room.  Thanks

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          jimfitzgerald Apprentice

          Since the SOLO has no tv tuner it MUST be connected to something that does.  That's normally a cable box or DVR.  I suggest you install it as designed and it will work great.  Also, you have to install it on something that will have a virtual remote setup in the SlingPlayer software in order to be able to control your source device.  It wouldn't do much good to install in on something you can't control.  By the way, I watch my SOLO on my laptop and Droid phone and it works great.  I also have it connected to a ROKU by using the second set of inputs and splitting the audio signal.