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    Sound starts then stops completely? Any ideas?


      Hey all, am at my wits end so some ideas would be appreciated.


      I have slingbox classic for about 8 years. its been flawless and nothing

      has been adjusted on it for all that time. i have done my software updates

      as necessary. i have watched it on various computers with no problems


      For some reason, when i now log on via the sofware or even thorugh the online

      viewer, one of two things happen.


      1. i get through the discovery and logging in but when it optimizes i get an error 

         "There was a problem communicating with the slingbox, please try again.


      or this happens


      2. I log in ok and i see the video adequately. When the video initially starts i can hear

         sound for about a second and then its gone for good. This same problem happens whether

         I am using the software or watching online. once watching a channel and i then switch channels

         i get don't even the initial burst of sound anymore, only video.


      i tried some recommended fixes and even unistalled and reinstalled software.

      To repeat, I haven't changed anything on my setup for years and this problem occurs on

      any computer i am using. is my unit finally going through it slow death or is it some issue

      i can fix.