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    Iphone/Ipad apps won't connect


      I'm extremely frustrated with Sling's iPhone and iPad applications.  I've spent close to $60.00 for these apps and they won't connect to my SlingPro-HD over either WiFi or 3g.  There is obviously something wrong with the applications themselves, since I have no problem connecting with a PC, my Android phone (over both WiFi/3G) and my Honeycomb Android tablet (over WiFi).  Everytime I try to connect with either my iPad or iPhone4 I see the application start, it indicates "locating", then it says "starting", followed by this message - SlingPlayer cannot connect to your Slingbox.  Please make sure your phone and Slingbox are connected to the Internet and try again. 


      So far I have uninstalled the app from both iPhone/iPad - rebooted and reinstalled the application to the same effect. It's not an internet access issue as this is on WiFi over my home network, and as mentioned, the Android application works fine, so there is an obvious problem.  I would like to know when Sling is going to fix this, or if they prefer to refund the substantial $ spent on obviously inferior software?  I shouldn't have to spend hours and hours ******* around with applications that cost this much, they should just work. 

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          I was extremely frustrated as well as the app used to work correctly.  Finally decided to ignore everything I was reading and got it working.

          You won't get the iPhone/iPad working unless you finish the setup on your PC/Mac. I have a Mac, so I'll walk through the settings.


          • Click "Slingbox Setup" under the "Watch" Tab
          • Click "Get Started"
          • Click on your slingbox device (in my case my name - your's will probably be your name)
          • Click Set Up Internet Viewing
          • There's a message that you have to go through these steps to view it on your iPhone/iPad (Thanks Slingbox for burrying this here!)
          • Click "Next"
          • From here you are somewhat on your own - hopefully your router will be listed and you can just select that - in my case it wasn't - I have / Verizon which isn't in the list, but their manufacturer is "ActionTec" - I selected that and hit "Test".
          • That's it - iphone and ipad 2 now work.


          Good luck!


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