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    Cutting the cable/dish cord


      I am currently running a Slingbox SOLO with a DishNetwork receiver box. Everything is currently working perfectly. Lately I have been contemplating the idea of canceling DishNetwork and using free OTA broadcast TV. Right now my Slingbox SOLO uses the Dish tuner. What additional equipment will I need to use the Slingbox SOLO with traditional antenna based OTA broadcast TV?  I am aware that the Pro-HD unit contains a tune, but I am hoping to find a cheaper alternative that let's me continue using the Slingbox SOLO. All the instructions I find assume the Slingbox SOLO is being connected to a cable or sattelite. Can I use a digital converter box that has component outputs? Are there DVD/Blueray machines that have tuners that work with the Slingbox SOLO? Please share thought and ideas.