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    HP touchpad


      does any one know how long before slingmedia is available for the touchpad.? Is it been worked on or is there still a long wait ? Thx

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          if they don't the touchpad is going back.  sorry hp.

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            Does anyone know if there is going to be support for Webos either as a mobile app or with the browser?





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              courtlandk Newbie

              where have you gone slingbox?  We were so happy on ios and when i went to webOS you never showed....we were so happy together...please come to webOS  you'll love it here I promise.

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                I love my Slingbox..mainly for checking that I have set the Skybox to record. I have changed my faithfully net book for a Touch

                Pad and love it. It would be perfect if Slingbox would support WebOS ...pleads   please   please

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                  The only break I see possibly coming in this 2 year plus wait for a webOS app is you can use Splashtop, a remote desktop app on webOS 2.1 to watch Slingplayer on a Pre 2 or Pre Plus. Splashtop has made claims they are working on an app for the TouchPad and it will be available soon. Signup for email notification here: http://signup.splashtop.com/3sj5j   I have used it on a Pre 2 via wifi and it works quite well. If you forward a port on your PC you can watch it on 3G, but it's very choppy and almost unwatchable. There is a free app in the HP app catalog called HP Mobile Hotspot that allows you to tether your TP to your Pre so you can use it as a data connection. A Splashtop app on the TP using wifi will probably happen before we will ever see an actual Slingbox app. Sad but true. I mention the mobile hotspot app only because this would allow streaming (albeit 3G connection) while out and about when wifi isn't available which is when most of us would be actually using the TP for this purpose. Happy hunting on Slingbox via webOS. If anyone finds a solution before Splashtop TouchPad is released, please feel free to email me at matteebee@hotmail.com or via precentral.net (I'm matteebee13 there) or if you need general webO/TP advice. Cheers!

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                    Go to youtube and search for Touchpad Slingbox.

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                      Hi natshark and all,


                      It seems that you want to know if the Slingbox will support the WebOS and related devices.


                      At this moment the Slingbox or the SlingPlayer application (on any of its versions) are not providing support for the WebOS and any related device. We do not know if it will be supported in the near future. We can only encourage you to keep on checking our web site at www.slingbox.com for further details.