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    Suddenly, Video and Audio Freezes

    jwilson03 Newbie

      After I log on and get the channel I want, after 1 or 2 minutes, the picture and sound freeze for maybe 30 seconds, then I lose both. I can relog on, but the same thing happens. How to fix this?  

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          I have the same issue since the mid of June 2011 as my slingbox worked fine in the past 1.5 year... My upload speed from home is above 1.5 mega and my laptop uses winxp firefox 5.0. I have tried to hard reset the slingbox at home and setup the slingbox again but the freezing and disconnection problems persist. Please help!!

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              chakkarinen Apprentice

              Quite a few other threads are reporting problems with the power supply.   Some suggest the first thing to try is to press the reset button on your Slingbox very briefly, then wait 10-20 minutes to for the firmwire to be reset by the Slingbox center to a more stable version.


              If that doesn't solve the problem, then I believe that Slingbox staff have responded to several of the posters about a one-time free consultation to fix these problems, which appeared in many, many cases to first appear in mid-June 2011 when a firmware upgrade was pushed through that turned out to be faulty.

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                  I recently found my slngbox stopped working. Tech's at slingbox told me it had to do with a recent upgrade in firmware. They walked me through resetting my slingbox. When I am away from home the video and audio freezes after 30 seconds much of the time. Sometimes it will work for an hour. Very unpredictible. Tech's told me it had to do with the internet connection away from home. But the download speed test showed it was adequate at 1.35 and it was still freezing. One suggestion they had was to create a static connection at home with the slingbox insted of automatic setting. Has anyone tried this and has it helped?