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    Fiddling with values for existing remote buttons

    adriankorsner Newbie

      My prob is I really am not sure  what the principles of the technology are here with mapping of remotes etc and I  can't visualise what's going on and what I'm supposed to be doing. I  look stupid but I'm not really! Certainly it does seem, from the discussions, that  you can have a generic remote and assign different values to the buttons  from the ones they come with. That being the case, the remote for the  HDR Fox2 looks almost exactly like the one that sling give you for the  FoxSat. The only difference is that the TV Portal button on the T2 is  labelled 'List' on the Foxsat. Is there any way you can change the value for "list"  on the foxsat remote to whatever the value of the TVPortal button is?  and do the same with the ff button as Mark mentioned?

      95% of the remote you want  is there so it seems that taking a photo of the remote and then configuring it is a long and complicated way to achieve a result. Are you able to access it and use the basic foxsat remote and modify it?


      That way, you'll have a remote that looks just like the real one and will work the same.