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    setting up for remote veiwing


      I 'm currently living in germany. Up until about 20 june my slingbox solo worked fine for almost a year is there a update that has come out that has caused my macbook pro not to connect? is there any thing i can do to fix this problem.


      thank you

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          Hi, djbigballer


          I understand that you are having some issues in order to get your Slingbox SOLO up and running.


          We need you to provide further information, since you have not detailed any information about the Slingbox current status. No network connection? Any blinking light? Any light off?


          Make sure to include all the details, including any error message. This information will allow the community to provide you with further details and possible solutions.



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              I am havingthe same problem, except I just rehooked my solo back up.  Both lights are on, but cannot locate it on the internet

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                software 2.1.180

                slingbox solo

                Ihave tried on 4 diff computer both desk top software and internet

                it gets to configure screen with video. but the video drops 30 sec in and it says i lost connection.


                Ive reset set the solo both soft and hard

                what next should i try

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                  the problem that im having is this is the statement im getting now everything as far the slingbox solo has not been touch. i just started getting this statement "you can't connect to your slingbox right now. make sure it's set up for remote viewing, and the network router the slingbox is connected to has the correct port forwarding settings."


                  that is all im getting the sling box has not had an issue since last summer



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                  r u guys updating cause itsw all messed up right now