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    SlingCatcher - Network Error when connecting to remote Slingbox


      Hi there,


      I'm having an annoying problem.


      I have a Slingbox Pro at my UK address. It is configured and I can connect to it and watch SKY TV on the local network and from anywhere else in slingbox.com in a browser, even when I'm in Abu Dhabi and using the internet connection there.


      I have a  SlingCatcher at my house in Abu Dhab, and it connects to the Internet and logs onto my account successfully. This fails to connect to the Slingbox.


      At the UK home address, I have a British Telecom Infinity Broadband system with the BT Home Hub 3 router. I have configured Port Forwarding using the slingbox.com setup application, but the instructions given are for the previous Home Hub 2 router, and differ slightly. I can enter a port forward for port 5001 for ANY protocol and assign it to the slingbox IP Address. However, the instructions mention a 'Trigger Protocol' section, which my BTHH3 router doesn't have. Could this have a bearing on why it's not working?


      At the Abu Dhabi house, I have a Linksys E2000 model router, and I have also setup port forwarding for this router (don't know if I need to). This router does allow an entry for trigger protocol so I configured it accordingly.


      I'm stuck and very frustrated!


      Can anyone at Slingmedia provide some suggestions, or explain the significance of the port forwarding so I might understand why it's needed?