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    Connection Speed Problems


      I've recently noticed that my streaming speed decreased from 2200kbps to just over 244 kbps.  Is there any logical explanation for this if both ends are experiencing their advertised bandwidth speeds.  UL speed >5mbps and DL >50mbps.  I've run ping tests on both ends and everything seems to be working normal.  This just started Sunday afternoon and figured it was a temporary issue.  The slingbox is still runing the 2.1.90 firmware version, is this a problem?  The remote viewing is still functioning normal parameters.

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          Not necessarily a logical explanation, but if your upload router (physically located near your Slingbox) or download router (physically located near where you are watching the programs) are now experiencing interference on your signal from neighbors, your download and upload speeds might be affected.   You can use the free software inSSIDer to see what the wireless environment is around your two locations, and perhaps select different channels for your routers to be further away from strong interfering channels.