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    Strange Power Adaptor issue

    dream Newbie

      hello friends,


      I have 3 Slinboxes with me 2 Solo and 1 PRO HD.


      few days back due to high voltage my power apaptors gone Faulty.


      I was not able to get Sling power adaptors in India, so bought Same supply Apaptors from local market.


      Now the problem I am facing is I have Solo which has power Adaptor INPUT 100-240 V --50/60 Hz 0.8 A


      OUT 5.0 V ---- 4.0 A


      When I use this the Network light does not connect.



      When I replace it with other power adaptor   100-240 V   50-60 Hz 0.5 A


      OUT DC 6V  --2.8A  the Solo Network light glows and connects, I am confused why its not working with the supplied power adaptor which came with the box, why its working with my OLD power supply.




      any clue will help me in solving the issue.




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          Hi, dream


          I understand that you are having some issues with some power adapters you purchased on your local market for the Slingbox SOLO and the Slingbox PRO HD.


          We recommend you to get the original Power Adapters for your Slingbox units through the UK On-line Store. Make sure to visit this link.


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            Hi Dream


            did you ever shed any light on what was happening with that issue!? ive seen a lot of comments like this where people have had to use different power settings on generic power adaptors to get the slingbox to work. (and that the original power supply unit wont work)


            i'm in a (similar) situation where i need to find a different power supply adaptor to get the box to work, and am trying to work out what to get!!


            did the box work properly for a sustained period using the other power supply settings (6v), or did it explode after a while!!?