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    Internet Viewing


      My linksys router needed to be reset.  It meant changing the router IP address.  Since then, my Slingbox tuner will not work over the internet, even though it worked just fine before the router was reset.  It does work LAN.

      • I tried to reset the Slingbox.
      • I've gone through Sligbox setup a dozen times,  but every time it gets to where it tries to make the internet connection, it says it is "incomplete."
      • I've been to my router site, checked the DHCP Reservation, found the Slingox as a client, added and reserved it. 
      • I've also gone to Applicationas and Gaming page and in the Single Port forwarding page, added my Slingbox port number and IP address as it is given on my Slingbox Info page and on the DHCP reservation page.


      Nothing seems to work.  What am I missing?


      I do notice when I go through the Sling box site, the last three digits on the "to IP Address" on theSlingbox setup page that I get when I say I want to manually congure my router are different that the "to IP address" on the DHCP page or on the My Slingbox Info page.  I'm not sure what number to use.


      I've been working on this for a few days, and I am getting very frustrated.  Any advice would help.