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    error connecting slingbox want to retry


      i keep getting a message saying error connecting to slingbox from sling media web page, plays fine with slingplayer, but i cant download slingplayer everywhere i go. can anyone help me, i've done the usual restart on the slingbox and router but to no avail.

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          Hi, weemick


          It seems that you are having some issues in order to get the connection to your Slingbox when using the web-based application, although you are able to get the connection when using the SlingPlayer software version.


          The issue is not related to your Slingbox. Otherwise, you would get the same behavior when running the SlingPlayer software. The root cause might be related to the browser in use. With this in mind, I recommend you to check this link in order to check the information about the supported browser versions.


          What browsers are supported by Watch on Slingbox.com?