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    How do I know if Slingbox PRO HD has latest Firmware?




      How do I know if I'm still having the Firmware that seems to have issues the last weeks?


      I've tried the simple reset (short reset press) and the hard reset (long reset press). My Slingbox has re-initialized but keep saying it has the latest Firmware in the set-up.


      In the Announcement ("..If you have either version 2.1.90 or 2.1.190 listed there, just call us at..") from last week I get the impression that I have the old firmware.. Here's my details:

      Slingbox PRO HD

      Slingbox Software Version: 2.1.90

      Country: Sweden


      I don't want to make a support call since I doubt you keep it free when a long-distance call. You can call me , yes?


      So.. how do I update and whats the latest Firmware version?