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    box not initialised error


      I am using the sling box solo and up until tonight it has been working great.  For some reason when I start sling box on the PC i get a pop up window that states "box not initialised" with initilized spelled wrong.  Only button is "ok" but when you click it the window shows"connecting to family sling bow" but it never connects.

      I kow the sling box is wooked up and working because I can watch it on the IPAD, si it is something with the PC.  FYI when I started s;ingbox the other day I had to upgrade to the latest version.  During the upgrade I got a weird pop up that I thought may have been somekind of virus.

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          Hi, kjdeut


          I understand that you are having some issues with the Slingbox when running the connection through your computer.


          The fact that you are able to get the connection on your iPad means that the Slingbox is a helpful unit. In this case, the issue seems to be related to your computer. As a workaround, I recommend you to test the connection from a different computer.


          This test will allow you to verify if the issue is related to any (security) setting on your computer.