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    Slingbox Error




      I have owned my slingbox pro hd for about 7 months.  About a month ago it stopped working out of no where and i'm not sure what to do.


      All of a sudden the light that shows the slingbox is connected to the network is out and the slingbox logo (that usually lights up when the slingbox is in use) stays lit up and does not go off.  The slingbox is no longer connected to the internet and i cannot connect to it.


      I have tried to reset it and it wont even reset.


      Any suggestions ?  It really drives me nuts that slingbox charges 300's for the unit then charges me 30 dollars each for the ipad and then iphone app and will provide no techical support what so ever unless i want to pay 50 dollars.


      Please help ! slingbox.JPG

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          This same thing happened to me and many others.  From what I gather, an update went out and bricked the Slingbox.  It is a voltage issue.  Call support and they will likely confirm the symptoms and send you a new power cord in the mail.


          Mine is en route....hopefully, that will fix the issue.