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    Multiple email accounts


      Can more than one email account connect to my slingbox acct? I have purchased and set up the new equipment for my son who is in Iraq for six months and will be back in Germany for two more years.  So can he connect and can he do it with a new account or must he use my infomation?

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          Hi piepkorg, let me tell you that you can have one Slingbox in more than one Slingaccount, you need to create the account here, and then connect to the Slingbox at least one time using the new account, the account will ask you if you want to save the Slingbox, you can agree to that and it's done.


          Please note that while you can save one Slingbox in several accounts only one person can connect to the Slingbox at the time.



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            how did the Slingbox perform in Iraq for your son?  I'm heading there soon and I sure don't want to miss football season...thank you!!