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    Remote setup disappears when Slingbox is restarted

    ACC504852 Newbie

      Hi guys,


      A week ago I was asked to update the software for the Slingcatcher and after that it seemed that the password didn't work. Managed to fix the password problem but after connecting the catcher to the tv I wasn't able to change the channel with the real remote control. Went to the Slingmedia website and did the "Configute input" thingy and chose the composite etc..etc.. And the code. It worked but when the Slingcatcher was turned off and then turned on the next day it was back to the one-channel-no-changing again. Any tips on how to fix that? Kind of tiresome to have repeat this process every single day.


      I'd just like to add that before the upgrade there wasn't a problem at all with the connection.