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    Just Brought my Slingbox Pro and need help.


      Hi I just brought a Slingbox Pro, My aim to use this device is for recording Xbox 360 gameplay and to watch TV on my Macbook Pro.


      Step 1. Went onto the site signed up and downloaded SLINGPLAYER_PLUGIN_3.2.7.154 


      Step 2. Plugged in power and wire to my router. (BOTH LIGHTS ARE NOW RED.)


      Step 3. No idea.


      I could not find an application on my laptop to open or anything like that...


      I tried on the slingbox site: Slingbox Configuration but it just says "Your Slingbox can't be located. Please make sure it is getting power and is connected to the same network as your computer." I kept trying to scan but it did nothing.


      Was I suppose to install the plug in on my home pc or my laptop?


      One other thing, since I mainly wanted to record xbox 360 gameplay is there no other way I could play xbox 360 on my mac laptop without connecting my slingbox to my router?