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    Ipad 2 vs. Ipad 1 Playback Problem


      Recently purchased an Ipad 2.  My Ipad plays Slingbox perfectly through my wireless network.  When I got the Ipad 2 I purchased the App through the Apple App Store.  After installation it would not connect telling me I had to upgrade the Slingbox firmware.  I did that.  The Ipad 2 now connects and the picture quality is better but the video keeps freezing and starting (choppy).  I can switch to my Ipad 1 from the same location and playback is smooth. Can anyone suggest a solution?

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          Hi, mbechler95


          I understand that you are having some issues when running the SlingPlayer application on your iPad2.


          The issue is not related to the Slingbox or the Mobile application since the application runs fine on your iPad, otherwise you would get the same behavior on both of the iPad models. That means that you will need to check some settings (WiFi settings) on the iPad2 in order to find a solution for this specific issue.