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    How do I find the WAN IP address (remotely)?


      How do I find the WAN IP address for my Slingbox remotely?  I am overseas and my Slingbox is in Florida.


      I am working remotely and trying to adjust my router to prevent IP webcam conflicts with Slingbox. I need to find the WAN IP address for the router.  It has changed so I need to readdress the port but cannot find the router now to change the router port.  If I have the correct home IP address I can remotely enter the router OK - I know this works and I have done this before.


      I know I could find my WAN IP address if I was sitting at home via a browser and "WhatIsMyIP.com" but I am overseas.  I need to fix conflict with webcams on same port but need to find the home IP.


      I looked in the "About Slingbox" and saw references to a WAN IP but this is not the right IP address...it is something from Level 3 in Colorado.