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    Verizon Fios Cisco CHS 335HDC box remote control needed


      Hi everyone,


      ***I posted this in the PRO-HD forum, but should have posted here in the general forum.  Apologies for the double post****


      I saw this link ( https://community.sling.com/ideas/1137#comment-2144 ), and was wondering if anyone has a workaround for the remote control for the Cisco CHS 335HDC?   I recently switched to Verizon Fios, and these are the boxes that they  are going to start giving people (at least in Massachusetts).  They are  getting rid of the Motorola boxes, and going forward will only be using  this Cisco box for HD DVR.


      Alan:   Is this the right location for this post?  If not, can you please give  me a link for where I should post it?  I know you have been a huge help  for these types of questions and any help would be greatly appreciated.


      I'm hoping either Sling adds this box soon to the dropdown menu or there is a viable workaround.


      Thanks a lot,