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    Not HD since update


      Before the latest update I had full HD (at least to the extent allowed with the Pro-HD). Since the update I now have only a window. I made sure the settings were 1920x540 (maximum). I average about 6.5 Mbps so plently of bandwidth and  of course I had a beautiful picture before the update. Besides the fact that I had an initial problem of not being able to find the box, after holding the reset button down for 30 seconds the problem was fixed and I was able to configure it properly. However, I only have the above noted window and it looks terrible. I should note that I changed my cable provider from Shaw  to MTS (Winnipeg) which has a separate receiver (Motorola) and internet box called 2Wire. So no coaxial cable goes into the receiver the typical way. The coaxial plugs into the 2Wire box and the telephone wire is split in some fashion into the same box. My component cables are however plugged into the receiver itself and the audio since the 2Wire doesn't have those connections. As you can see from the pic below all I have is an ugly window. Anyone have an answer to this problem? The stretching has do to  with the 800x600 jpg I uploaded so ignore that.



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          Hi Lentt,


          It's necessary to confirm if the issue is related the Internet Service Provider, the router or the Slingbox itself. I recommend first to confirm the upload/download speed at the Slingbox location, you can try to use this web site to check the Internet Speed, speedtest.net


          If the Network Bandwidth meets the minimum requirements (HD Streaming: 1.5 Mbps or higher) and the issue persists, I recommend to Reset the Slingbox and also refresh the network performing a power cycle on the network, disconnect the Slingbox, router and modem from the power, wait about 30 seconds, connect the Modem to the power, then the router and finally the Slingbox.


          Let us know how that works