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    Slingplayer not sending channel change commands correctly


      Hi there .... I have this problem on my Slingbox Pro. I attached  the IR emitters to my Technika Freeview set-top box and used the new web  interface to learn the keys from the remote which all worked nicely but  when I try to change channel using Slingplayer on my PC or mobile to any two digit channel number it jumps  to the first digit then the second digit channel each time so it looks  like someone didn't think through what needs to be the sequence of  events in the code.


      Someone has suggested an 'Enter' is being sent after each digit which would be incorrect programming.  It would be better if the SlingPlayer  software recognises a number button is being pressed and buffers it on  the PC or Phone for say a couple of seconds to enable users to enter a  string then sent the complete string in one go to the Slingbox for  onward transmission.


      This is a BIG issue really because there's no point having Slingbox, Slingplayer  (PC/Mobile/Web) if you cannot change the channel remotely is there?


      Please fix quickly SlingMedia !!    



      P.S.   Strange but I don't recall having this issue when I used the Sling  written preset codes on my Sky satellite box cos that could take up to 3  digits no problem.