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    Setting up Slingbox


      I was able to get though most of the connection process. However, during the last set I recieved a cant not connect to the device error. I tried resetting both the router and the slingbox that did not work. Since I have uverse, I setup the ports though the way that I found on this forum. I also tried connecting though slingbox on windows to see if I was offered a firmware update. My slingbox information as follows:



      Slingbox Info

      Slingbox Name: My Slingbox

      Slingbox ID: 304C8B1DFB1F6C45A835524E81A50678

      Slingbox Software Version: 1.2.12

      Internet Viewing

      Set Up Complete: Yes

      Slingbox Public IP Address:

      Slingbox Private IP Address:

      Slingbox Port: 5001

      Slingbox Access Info

      Activation Date: 03-26-2010

      Date Last Accessed: 06-23-2011



      Do you think I should just call support?