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    I can't reset the box.


      THe power and network lights are on, but the logo lights are off, and I can't reset the box.

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          Hi, silverbullet99


          It seems that you are having some issues with your Slingbox SOLO, since you cannot reset it.


          First, this logo behavior is right since the power on and network light must be solid. If the logo light is off, it means that the Slingbox is not in use.


          The following link will provide you with the steps to follow in order to reset it and set it up.


          How to reset your Slingbox to factory settings


          Once you reset it, you will need to set it up for Internet Viewing.


          Internet Viewing



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            My Solo has also begun to act up after 3 years of great service.


            I too have a power light, and a slowly blinking network light. I've attempted to reset the box by pressing and holding the rest button, but nothing happens. I even held the button for over a minute with same results. I then unplugged the unit for 12 hours and then plugged it back in, Same problem.



            Has this Solo died?



            PS: I called customer service and I'm not happy about being asked to pay $30 for tech help or $99 dollars for repair. I've bragged about this service for 3 years to my friends and now when I need a little help, you guys want to bend me over.

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              OK so I have the same question that has been asked above but without a conclusive answer....... Only my power light is on and the Network light is off, I tried changing Router ports and also changing the LAN cable to the router but still the same (no router siocket lights on which ever port in the router i plug the Solo).  I tried the reset option but it is not working....my next step was to leave powered off for a while, but i see that has been tried without success.


              So the question is how to reset the solo when the reset button hold for 5 seconds does not work?


              EDIT: OK so I found the answer and the SOLUTION:


              Change your power supply!  I read in the Tuner section someone who also could not reset their box, they change the power supply and it fixed the problem.....I was luck that i had both a SOLO and a Sling Catcher at home which use the same power supply....I changed over the power supply and now my Slingbox SOLO can again conenct to the network....best of all as the reset button did not work the first time round, all the settings were still good to go so no problem.......now i just need to get a replacement power supply unit.