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    Pro-HD doesnt sound like the firmware issue.


      My box is around 6-7months old. Has worked fine untill about 2 weeks ago. Its setup on my cell, ipad, laptop, desktop, and remotely on 2 computers. It worked on all of them but stopped between 2 weeks ago and now as I didnt use it in that time. Ive tried doing the firmware reset that is suppost to revert but after 30min I still cant connect. I tried on my laptop to delete that slingbox and set it up new. It doesnt even detect it. Nothing has changed between than and now as far as internet company or router.


      I can connect to my friends slingbox thru all computers and phone. I also have power and network lights on the slingbox.


      Laptop im on right now that i tried to delete and re-add the slingbox is on the same lan. Which is why it makes me think maybe its not firmware related.



      Let me know any ideas you guys might have. Thanks