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    Botnet or Malware interfering with Slingbox?


      My Slingbox Solo sits at my parents' house, far from where I live. It worked great from July 2010 until March 2011. Never went offline during that time.


      In March it went offline--I couldn't connect to it over the internet. When I called my dad to see if his internet connection was up, he said it was. But he said that a "virus" had infected his laptop. We realized that this supposed virus emerged at the same time that the Slingbox went offline.


      I was unable to troubleshoot the issue with Dad, so for three months I couldn't watch TV over the internet. Last week I called Dad again. He had purchased a new laptop, so it was clean from viruses. We cycled the power on his WLAN router and cable modem and the Slingbox came back online for the first time since March! However, we had to do the initial setup all over again.


      I could view TV over the internet again. Until last night. When I called Dad to check why not, he said that the "Win 7 Virus" had now infected the new laptop as well.


      This has to be more than a coincidence--the Slingbox stopped working each time that my father's laptop got infected. But I cannot figure out how that blocks me from watching TV over the internet. Any advice?

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          I should mention that the Slingbox connects to the WLAN via a wireless bridge, which talks to the (one and only) Linksys wireless router.

          The laptop in question connects directly to the Linksys router, not to the bridge.


          Last week when the laptop was working, it could detect the Slingbox on the home network. Yesterday, post infection, it could not find the Slingbox on the home network.


          Slingbox is on, with both red lights showing. We cycled the power on it, the bridge, the Linksys, and the cable modem several times.


          The laptop can ping the Linksys and the cable modem. It cannot ping the Slingbox.