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    Connection from Slingbox Pro HD to Sky+ HD (UK)




      I am considering the purchase of a Slingbox Pro HD so I can watch HD content from my Sky+HD box at my holiday home. I have a connection of 20M/bit+ up 10M/bit+ down in both locations so I'm looking forward to excellent picture quality.


      I am concerned about how to take the Sky+ HD signal to the Slingbox Pro HD. My Sky box is very new as it was replaced recently and does not have component out. At present I am splitting the output from it via a HDMI splitter box so I can watch in 2 rooms with no loss in fidelity. There are 2 spare HDMI outputs available on this box. Optical out is used in the main room for the surround sound kit.


      Can anyone recommend a device to convert the HDMI output from this box to the component inputs on the Slingbox Pro HD. Obviously the aim is to lose as little quality as possible. I'm not bothered about 5.1 audio and I'd be happy with the stereo audio which the HDMI signal carries natively. I truly do not understand why Sling would build this box without HDMI considering that most things now have it as standard and a lot have dropped component (in Europe at least).


      Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


      Kind Regards,