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    SENIOR technical help desperately sought

    TheYank Newbie

      Hi the following discussion covers this but has been closed:




      Please read those posts.  I have just written an email to my brother in the US who is going to phone technical support yet again but we keep covering the same ground:



      DON’T LET THEM FOB YOU OFF – the remote side is fine


      A)   A)   I have massive connection problems

      B)    B)   Mel cannot connect then either on her laptop

      C)   C) Tech support ALSO COULD NOT CONNECT REMOTELY when I chatted with them on Saturday.



      They have repeatedly changed settings on the slingbox configuration including portforwarding to port 443 as they could not connect to there own

      Default port of 5001.  That rang alarm bells to me straight away that there was a problem.


      They got you to get Netgear to set up a Static IP address which they somehow configured in the box.  (did they redo this?


      This has been going on since 15/04/2011 – make sure they are aware of this as to why we blame the box.








      Any intervention would be appreciated.  $300 for something as unreliable as this has been is dreadfull.





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          TheYank Newbie

          everything I have written above is a shame because when it works I love it.



          Just to keep this updated they have since suggested it might be the power supply.  A new one was sent but made no difference.


          Tech support told me they would do a more advanced trouble shooting whatever that means but the box wouldn't play ball with them so they have posted a replacement box which we are currently waiting for.


          Well box came and still had same connection issues.  My brother rang up support and all they did really was reboot the box and say give it a go + come back if it freezes again.  My brother said whoa - we have been in this loop over and over since April and asked to speak to a supervisor.  After reading the notes the supervisor agreed to do what front line support aren't allowed to and stay connected to the box for a day or so (if they can).  Will have to wait and see what comes from this.

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              Hi, TheYank


              It seems that you are having some issues with your Slingbox PRO HD ever since you updated the firmware version. The following thread will provide you with some instructions to follow.


              Recover after failed firmware upgrade?



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                  TheYank Newbie

                  Hi ranaleon,


                  Thanks for the reply.  As far as I am aware tech support haven't looked at our issue yet so we  been staying off the box until they do.

                  Fingers crossed they will find the issue.  If it is this surely they will.




                  well no one on box yet so checked and firmware number is 2.1.90 which is the latest - guess that means there is a different problem yet not identified.




                  just noticed the firmware date though that is worrying:   11/30/2010





                  Now here is a puzzler - My brother had Stopzilla on the host computer.  He switched this off and so far it has run for 7 hours and only has frozen twice but the interesting thing there is each time it froze it came back again when I shut the slingbox down.  My question here is would the host computer interfere in anyway once the slingbox has been setup?  It is always left on.


                  Again I will monitor this and have very little confidence that this is the answer,




                  sadly still no:


                  error 0x92340011






                  we have since purchased a new dual band Router + then a modem.  This still has not helped.


                  Over a month ago the Tecchies did a test that proved there was a network problem which they said they would look into.  They have done NOTHING as far as we can see  - the only times we have spoken to them is when we chased them.  My thoughts of the company as a whole right now are not very good.


                  If there are any Slingbox Tecchies reading this that actually care the case number is  47802.