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    Router Setup/No Video Problem


      After disconnecting my Slingbox for the decorator and reconnecting I have not been able to view anything over the Internet or my network, using Viewer or Slingcatcher.


      I can conact my Slingbox via the internet and change channels but cannot receive a picture.


      I have checked the cables and the cable to the Slingbox is sending picture and sound but it goes no further. I am not using HDMI cables as I cannot seem to find an HDMI to another format connect that works, so I am using Scart to Red/Yellow/White and the cable works when I connect it to my TV. The satellite receiver is a SKY HD box.


      I have tried re-setting up my Slingbox from my PC and seem to have hit a problem. It keeps saying I need to make changes to my Router (a Linksys WRK54G) but despite making the changes, following the Sling instructions etc, it still says changes need to be be made.


      I think.....I have narrowed this down to the Port Forwarding changes, following the instructions and process online it says I need to make changes to my router (a Linksys WRK54G). The instructiosn says I need to enter 'Slingbox' into the application name field, however, I can only enter 'Slingbo' as the field is restricted to 7 characters.


      I also think.....that this seems to be important to watch TV over the internet and the local network via Slingcatcher and therefore may be the cuase of my problem. As I can only enter 'Slingbo' maybe incoming signals are connecting up properly.


      Anybody got any ideas?


      I have checked here and on the internet and not found anything to help so far.


      I hope I have given all the info required but please just ask if there is anything missing.





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          Hello lkeighley.


          I noticed that you are having video issues and difficulties to set up the remote viewing. The Internet Viewing settings will not affect the video on the Slingbox itself. You might want to check the settings of the Setup Assistant, make sure that you are using composite as the input selected and that the cables are connected on the Slingbox input to the A/V source output, that should help you with the video.


          Check out this article to retrieve the instructions for the cable connections:

          Help hooking up your Slingbox


          Regarding the Internet Viewing, feel free to use the following links as a guide for both router and SlingPlayer, therefore you can set this up. The application name should not affect the setup.


          Slingbox Network Setup Assistant


          Port Forward


          Best regards.