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    Networking a projector




      I want to attach a slingcatcher to my profector. As the projector in attached to the ceiling I don't want the slingcatcher up there too so plan to have it in a different location. Does anyone know if the connection between the slingcatcher and the projector can be vis a long ethernet cable?





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          dbsguy Apprentice

          The slingcatcher incoporates composite, s-vhs, component, and hdmi output. You can run any of those from the slingcatcher to the projector. However if your projector is HD, you'll want to run either hdmi or component in order to acheieve the 1080i you should be looking for.


          I'd suggest runing a single hdmi out from the slingcatcher to the projector. If it's an extended run (more then 50'), then you can get a pair of hdmi over cat5/6 adapters to do the job well. If you go this route, look for a pair of adapters that uses a "single" cat5/6 wire for a/v and ir signal carriage.


          Remember, as with any device connected with a projector, you probably have an a/v receiver in use to handle at least the audio. What I recommend is using it to handle the video as well as the audio if it has either component or hdmi capabilities. If that's the case, then scratch the above and connect as follows:


          If your a/v receiver incoporates hdmi input/output capabilities, then house and connect the slingbox at the a/v receiver location. Connect an hdmi cable out of the slingbox into the the a/v receiver, then another hdmi cable out of the a/v receiver to the projector. All your devices connect in this manner (from the device to the a/v receiver) and the single hdmi cable to the projector will act as a input switcher. Less wiring and best possible picture and sound.


          If your a/v receiver doesn't have hdmi, but incoporates component video, do the same as above substituting component cables with the addition of adding audio cables from the projector to the a/v receiver.