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    Changed to new router...Still cannot complete Internet Set-up


      After having problems getting an older D-Link router to be able to properly forward the 5001 port for Internet Set-up, I decided to upgrade my router (which I needed to do anyway, since the D-Link router was older and only a Wireless G.)  I bought a Netgear WNDR3400, which is a nice dual-band Wireless N router.


      I reset my Slingbox (since it could not be found on the network), went through the configuration again and then when it got to Internet Set-up, I ended up having to do the "manual configuration."  I found a router model in the step-by-step instructions that was using the same firmware layout as mine and I followed it precisely.  Originally, it would not allow me to forward port 5001 for the Slingbox, because Universal Plug and Play was using it. So I forwarded a different port instead, and then changed the information accordingly in the Slingbox Set-up so that the Slingbox would know to use 4001 instead - When I hit the test button, it eventually led me back to the "You need to make a few more adjustments" page.  So I tried 6001...and changed it accordingly in the Slingbox set-up.  I still got the error message.


      So finally, I decided to simply turn off the Universal Plug and Play in the router, which freed up port 5001.  When I went back to Slingbox set-up, I noticed that it failed to save my earlier changes to the other ports...and had defaulted to 5001 again.  But this time, that was fine, because I forwarded 5001 as requested on the router - See the JPEG attachment.


      As you can see, the correct port is forwarded...and I'm using the correct IP address that the Slingbox set-up requests...which is also the IP that the router has logged for it.


      But it makes no difference - I still get that "You need to make more adjustments" message when I test it.




      Why is this so difficult??


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          I am in the same boat and haven't really figured it out myself.  I bought the NETGEAR WNDR 3400 yesterday and installed it first before setting up the slingbox and then the slingbox player.  Despite taking the proper steps, the sling assistant said I couldn't connect the slingbox over the internet.  However, after setting up my Slingbox account at slingbox.com, my slingbox player worked.  And it stated that it was in fact connecting over the internet.  I was surprised as I didn't really do anything.  However when I ran the setup assistant again, it stated that I am not connected for internet viewing again.  So despite working properly for a few minutes, the audio continues to run fine but the video lags.   Still looking for answers.....I am guessing it has to do with the port forwarding setting and the netgear router.  However I don't know how to change that.