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    Lost connection


      My slingbox Pro-Hd keeps losing its connection. I had sucessfuly followed the support advice given and reset the device but there keeps reoccurring on a very frequent basis which is most irritating. All my other connections are fine and I have an extremely fast broadband connection. Any ideas?

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          I am having the same problem. I have tried 3 different devices and the problem seems to have gotten worse after the latest upgrade



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            Pantaydaya Newbie

            Me too. Wish I came to the forum a few days ago I have been trying to reset reconfigure and change ethernet cables.


            Im fed up as I fly abroad in 2 days time. I have set up my Slingbox pro again as well as my Hava Titanium and hope they come up with a fix by the time Im back in 4 weeks as I will have 3 months left on the warranty on the Pro HD by that time.

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              chakkarinen Apprentice

              When you say you have followed the setup advice, does that also include programming your router to assign a static IP address to the Slingbox.   If the router is assigning a dynamic IP address to the Slingbox, then that address could be changing from time to time, which would cause the directory of all active Slingboxes (which the Slingbox website maintains to know where to connect to your particular box) to fail to find your box.

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                  Yes, I am clever enough to be able to asign a static IP address but this doesn't make any difference. The box works for a short period of time then drops the connection repeatedly. I'm going abroad tomorrow and this is a real disappointment. Slingbox need to provide a permanent solution urgently.

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                  I have been experiencing the same situation since Friday 17. I reset the box, set it up and it remains the same. We need help from Slingbox.

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                    I've had a Slingbox AV since 2008 and just I purchased my ProHD about a month ago to be able to have direct cable access through the built-in tuner.  At this time I have to say I'm not impressed.  I have a business class cable connection with >1.5Mb outbound bandwidth. I primarily view with a SlingCatcher at a location with DSL service with 3Mb inbound bandwidth.  Since replacing the AV with the ProHD, I've noticed the video quality is much worse and while I may get periods of streaming in excess of 1000kbps, most of the time, it seems to hover in the mid 200kbps neighborhood.


                    Yesterday, I reconfigured both the ProHD and the AV to coexist on my home network with separate static IP addresses and TCP ports.  I reconfigured my gateway router to allow both TCP ports through and pointed them to the two internal IP address/port combinations and I can now view either box from outside.  So far today, I've been testing both SlingBoxes using the IE8 viewer.  I can view the AV model for several hours straight without interruption with an average streaming rate of anywhere from 1200kbps to 1800kbps.  When I first connect to the AV, it will usually start out at about 750kbps and work its way up.  In contrast, when I connect to the ProHD, it will almost always start out around 150kbps and will take as long as 3-4 minutes before breaking through the 1000kbps barrier and can eventually reach as high as 1800kbps.  Through several connections today, I've not been able to stream the ProHD for more than about 10 minutes before it will freeze and then eventually display the error code W211 failed connection error.  I'm 99% sure this is a problem with the ProHD, because I've been having this problem ever since I put it in service and now that I can do A/B comparisons between the two units, the ProHD can't compete with the picture quality and streaming reliability of the 3 year old AV.


                    Do I just have a bad ProHD unit or is the quality of the newer gear really that disappointing?

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                      Hello dthompson003.


                      If your Slingbox keeps losing the connectivity after following the troubleshooting steps on our web site, we recommend you to contact us directly so we can check if there's any additional steps we can perform therefore we can determine what is causing the issue. If the unit needs to be replaced, we can process the order for you.


                      Here you will find our contact information.


                      Contact Sling Media Support