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    Remote not in the list - Direct TV-25-500


      I'm in dire need of assistance with the remote.  No buttons are working on the virtual remote but the "MUTE" button.  The remote is also not in the list of remotes for Direct TV.  I choose what I thought was comparable but it didn't work.  I chose the Direct TV H-20 (Satellite) option.  I have read the forum which you all advise users to read prior to seubmitting a question.  Again, I had read that in it's entirety and nothing appears to be working as far as changing the channels.  Please help.  This is a Father's Day gift for my husband and I want to get it working properly.  He was truly excited to get the Sling Player I don't want the excitement to diminish because the virtual remote won't work as it should.


      Also the setup option advises you to click the back button to test the remote and choose other options but that also doesn't work.  A "+" sign is depicted over the options and no longer responds.  I have to exit out of setup and restart the process.