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    Both Solos "Communication Critical"


      Hi there,

      My two slingbox solos are ALWAYS in the  "Communication Critical" status. Even when both lights are on, I don't  understand why I can't use them. They are up as I can ping them (have a vpn setup and they respond to both a ping from my remote computer and the local router) so something is wrong with either them or Slingmedia's servers,  this happens everytime I try to access them. Both are  wired to the router. What would cause them to show as offline, when they are in fact online?



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          Solved my own problem:its Slingmedias servers as when I setup the desktop application to use the IP of the Slingbox (either its private through a VPN or the public one) it works perfectly. Also was messing around with the webplayer and finally got an error code after a while and the code stated that the Slingbox has been disabled due to connection issues. Yet it has been up since I turned it on, and I show that it has active connections to Slingmedia's servers, so I am not sure what gives.