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    Major video encoding problem...please help!


      Hi everyone,


      I haven't used my Slingbox Classic for a few weeks but accessed it just now and it really doesn't seem very well. A screenshot of the problem is attached.


      My Sky TV box is connected to it via RCA/Phono connectors for sound and video...the sound is fine but the picture is really bad, it's as if the Slingbox is failing to process/encode it properly. This has been working fine for a very long time.


      I am using the latest software (checking for an update was the first thing I did!). I've also performed a reset of the Slingbox...no good I've accessed it from multiple computers in the house...same problem. I know that my Sky TV is outputting a good signal via the RCA/Phono connector because I've tested it direct with my TV.


      Any ideas what's wrong and how I can fix this would be much appreciated.


      Please tell me it's not 'fried' and a new Slingbox is the only solution!


      Many thanks in advance,




        • Re: Major video encoding problem...please help!

          Hi MarkyMark77,


          For this issue that you are experiencing with this Slingbox, is necessary to confirm if the trouble is with the Slingbox hardware or maybe just the video cables that you are using. Have you tried different cables? Can you connect the Slingbox using coaxial or S-video to check if the issue persists. If you change the cables and the issue persists it means that the Slingbox needs to be replace since you already Reset the Slingbox to factory settings.


          Hope this helps