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    connecting slingbox solo


      i have been using the original slinbox classic for years with no problem. i have purchased a new sling box solo and would like to replace the classic with it. is this going to be difficult and will i have to do alot of configuring like you do when you first instal slingbox?  It was years ago when i set it up and i honestly do not even remember how i did it. i just remember that it took me quite sometime becasue i am not to fluent in router type installs. i am hoping that it is just swap one out for another but I fear it will not be that easy. can someone tell me?

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          Hi Ginny,


          What I can see from your post, is that you would like to know what to do, in order to connect a new Slingbox Solo.


          In this case, what I would recommend, is to check the following information about the Slingbox Solo which will provide all the information that you need:


          Slingbox Solo