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      i went on vacation and unpluged everything when i came back i plugged everything back but now my sling box wont work and wont connect to my router please help

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          Hi assneck (?),


          Have you read the announcement on the front page of Answers? It has some steps you can try to fix your issue:


          We're aware of the issue that some PRO-HD's have had after the June firmware update.


          To fix this, we've transmitted a different software version to all Slingbox PRO-HD models. This version of the Slingbox PRO-HD internal software has been thoroughly tested and it offers improved performance. For those still having issues, read on...


          For affected PRO-HD units, to complete this software installation, please:


          1. Reset your Slingbox PRO-HD by briefly pressing the Reset button (on the Slingbox PRO-HD back panel).
          2. Allow 10 minutes for the software to install. Please do not interrupt the process! At times, the indicator lights may flash, while at other times there may be no apparent activity.
          3. After waiting 10 minutes, confirm that the Power and the Network lights glow steadily once again.
          4. Try connecting to your Slingbox as specified below.

          Using your computer or mobile device, check to see:

          • That your Slingbox PRO-HD appears in the Slingbox Directory;
          • That you are able to connect to your Slingbox PRO-HD and stream TV as normal.


          If, after trying the above, your PRO-HD still doesn't appear in your Slingbox Directory, or shows no network light on the front of the box (see attached graphic), just call us at (877) 467-5464 and mention the failed firmware update.There is no charge for support on this specific issue!



          The Sling Support Team