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    Slingbox Solo Connection Problems


      I bought one of these this time last year.  It worked for a while but then started to give the message that it wouldn't connect.  When it did work it was fine if I connected from within the house but almost every time I tried connecting from a remote location, the very time I really wanted it, it refused to connect.  I have tried to get it going again but despite following all the instructions it resolutely won't connect.  I wish i could speak to someone ther than type messages in the vague hope someone might have an answer!!  I think I will put it in the first available skip!

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          I seem to have the same problems and am equally frustrated in not been able to obtain technical support without paying a further £50.

          Mine works fine at home but I have just returned from the States where it failed to work.  Initially it connected but when I tried to change channels it failed and froze - I kept trying it but eventually could not get it to connect at all.  On returning home it works fine!!!


          I did get an error code W211 and did find some suggestions as to what this fault maybe eg two lights not lit on the slingbox (obviously could not check this when I was 8,000 miles away) but on returning home they were lit.  I wondered whether the internet connection I was using in the States may not have had the correct band width but Skyping worked ok.


          If you do get any sort of help please would you pass this on in the hope this helps me in my problem.  I will try it via may daughter's internet connection who lives 5 miles away but I did this before I went to the States to ensure it was set up properly and it worked fine.  You may care to try to connect via other remote locations - my problem could have been associated with trying to connect from the States but it did work in part at first.





          Dave Wilshaw

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            Hi BrianD52 & David1503,


            If you are able to connect to the Slingbox only locally (Slingbox location) but not remotely using a different network, it means that the Internet Viewing feature needs to be enabled again at home, you can use the help of the Network Assistant to setup manually the rule on the router. Have a look at these articles,


            How to use the Slingbox Network Setup Assistant to help configure your router


            Solving general problems with Internet Viewing - look here first


            Hope this helps