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    Problem resetting my Slingbox Pro HD.




      I'm stuck with the problem that I can't succesfully reset my Slingbox Pro HD and need some support.


      First of all I will give some history to illustrate what happened to get in the situation I'm in. Until a week ago I only streamed television to SlingPlayer for PC. Because I mostly did this at home on a gigabit LAN I used the following settings:

      • Video bitrate: 7568Kbps
      • Video frames per second: Full rate
      • I-Frames interval: 1 second
      • Video smoothnes: links van het midden
      • Video resolution: 1920x540
      • Audio bitrate: 96 Kbps

      This week I started using SlingPlayer Mobile for Android. For +/- 24 hours I could also use these settings with my Android cellphone. Then things went wrong. First the motion pictures of the televsion disappeared and then also the high quality sound quit. At first I thought no problem, just restart the SlingPlayer and it will run smooth again. This idea proved all wrong. I could no longer connect to my Slingbox. Not through WiFi with SlingPlayer Mobile and not over the LAN with the SlingPlayer that worked with these settings for a long time.


      Because the Slingbox no longer seemed to remember the passwords I specified for the Administrator and for viewers I decided to throw away my settings by resetting and reconfiguring the whole lot. Now this doesn't help because the Slingbox shows some behavior that can be associated with a reset, but after this behavior the curve of lights in the middle of the front of the slingbox keep burning and keep glowing up. I tried resetting in all kinds of fashion, holding down the reset button for 1 second, for 5 seconds, for 10 seconds and for 20 seconds. I also tried powering down and up the slingbox with the reset button down. I even tried pushing it some times shortly. It all doesn't matter. The power LED is always on when the Slingbox gets it's juice. Further I can see the network LED and the curving of lights in the middle blinking from left to right during a reset and during startup. After this the state of the Slingbox is always as follows:

      • Power LED burns perfectly,
      • Network LED burns perfectly,
      • Curve of lights in the middle keep burning and keep glowing up.


      I have no more idea how to get out of this situation and definitely need support!


      Please help me out with this,


      kind regards,


      Ed Roebersen.

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          Succeeded in resetting my Slingbox after the firmware upgrade of June 17-th.


          After the reset I had to reconfigure everything. Because that doesn't run smooth I hate that. I don't know why, but a my LAN the communication with my Slingbox can drop while doing a frequency scan. Because of this I spent a lot of time scanning the frequencies of the analog television of my cable provider. After an awful lot of scanning (many primary scans, several detail scans) it came up with a list of 31 channels that almost corresponded with the actual list of available channels.


          The functionality to establish a list of frequencies can be improved an awful lot. It would be a lot better if people can manually add channels. It would also be an awful lot better to show a bigger TV-screen while offering a change to finetune the frequency. Like this one doesn't know what consequences the finetuning has when the television is watched on a bigger TV-screen.


          Because the improvements mentioned above are failing I have bad reception in the fequency range from 208.00 to 288 MHz. Further it doesn't notice that a station is available on 672.00 MHz. If somebody can tell me how to do something about this without repeating those timeconsuming scans again, then that would be really welcome.


          Please be a lot more careful when releasing new formware, because reconfiguring a Slingbox, a Logitech Harmony and a UPC DVR completely regularly is very time (and energy) consuming and no fun at all. The more companies that use firmware the more time I waste to keep my devices working properly. A mistake in the release of firmware is enough reason to search for the causes within the organisation and to take appropriate measures against it. It might well be that the management is making the working pressure to high with one sharp (read impossible) deadline after the other. People should release software calmly because an avalange of work is released when small things go wrong in the process. A company can never run smooth when the country doesn't run smooth because consumers - workers of companies - waste a lot of time reparing configurations after bad software releases. The one who invented a mix of firmware releases and high working pressure (impossible deadlines) is a complete *****.


          I do not consider my question to be answered yet because:

          • firmware updates keep bothering me,
          • the functionality to perform a frequency scan is all bad,
          • the functionality to store stations and frequencies is all bad.


          Kind regards,


          Ed Roebersen.